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Tressa Malikkal, O.D., FCOVD
Board Certified in Vision Therapy (FCOVD)

115 W. Main St., Ste B Trappe, PA 19426

Our Patients' Success Stories

It is never too late to be what you might have been. (George Elliot) Our patients have taken on the challenge to improve their vision system, so that they can realize the benefits of binocularity. Below are comments from some of our patients or their parents.

Jessica, age 9, grade 4
"I love it." It brought my grades up and I can read better. It was good for me. I really needed it.

Jessica's Mom said:
Jessica has improved in all of her subjects in school and has much more confidence in herself. She seems to be enjoying reading more. Her letter and number reversals in writing have disappeared. Overall she is a much happier child and I am a happier parent. Note: Jessica stopped by at the end of the school year to proudly say that she received all "A" grades.

Tyler, age 17, grade 12
I think that vision therapy has been very helpful to me. It has helped me improve my vision. Headaches are less of a problem, and reading comprehension is much better. I don't find myself daydreaming while I read anymore. My life will be much easier because of vision therapy. Note: 1 year after therapy Tyler's Dad told us Tyler graduated from high school 7th in his class. Thanks for VT. Now 1st year college he has a 4.0 average.

Nikki, age 10, grade 5
I am able to see better in my sports such as cheerleading, volleyball, and soccer. I am getting better grades and got 2nd honors, and student of the month in my class. When I had vision therapy, I loved it so much that I did not want to stop doing it.

Nikki's Mom said:
Nikki has shown huge improvement in reading comprehension and general reading enjoyment. Best thing we ever did. Thanks.

Matthew, age 10, grade 4
It helps me read in the car without getting carsick. It helps me focus on the ball. I can track stuff down and see stuff on the Hart (letter) chart 34 feet away (originally I could see only 7 feet away).

Matthew's Mom said:
Matt *reads more fluently with fewer errors *does not struggle with more tears *less eye strain, can read for longer amounts of time *more coordinated *letter formation is much better and almost never writes on a slant.

Krista, age 7, grade 2
It helped with my eyes - reading, seeing far away, and seeing the ball.

Krista's Mom said:
Krista has gone from struggling daily with basic schoolwork to a confident "on level" reader. In the 8 months that Krista has come to Trappe Family Eyecare, she has become a very happy child. She is very content sitting and reading books because it is no longer a difficult task. The staff is very loving and made Krista look forward to her time in the office. Krista will miss coming in every week!

Matthew, age 8, grade 3
Vision therapy has taught me a lot of things. It has helped my eyes a lot. I've gotten a lot better grades because of vision therapy. It has helped me relax and focus better. It helped me with my hand eye coordination a lot.

Matt's Mom said:
Vision therapy has done amazing things for Matthew. He is now very confident with his schoolwork and "test anxiety" is no more. Before VT his comprehension was extremely poor. Now Matthew can read an entire book and effortlessly do a book report with many details. Giving details from reading material was previously very difficult, almost impossible. Now it's a breeze for Matthew. Matthew's handwriting has begun to improve and will continue to improve with more practice. As a result of all of the above, Matthew's grades have gone back up to be all A's and just a few B's. Matthew's fine motor skills have improved as well. Tying his shoes is no longer an effort. His confidence and self-esteem have improved tremendously. We are extremely grateful to Alexis and Dr. Malikkal for Matthew's experience with vision therapy.

Emily, age 10, grade 4
It's made me a graceful ball catching person. I know I can see anything! I hope to stay this way. Thank you very, very much.

Emily's Dad said:
Emily has gained a great deal of confidence since beginning therapy. Emily's hand-eye coordination has improved to where she is anxious to play sports again. Emily has become much more graceful and no longer trips or stumbles when walking. But the thing that impresses us most is that now Emily feels there is nothing she can't do. Eye therapy has been a wonderful experience for Emily and our entire family. Thank you so much!

Lily, age 9, grade 4
I can catch a ball. I can read better. I can do math better. I can spell better. I can draw better. I can see better. I can do more things.

Lily's Mom said:
Lily has improved dramatically in the last 8 months! We did not see major changes until she was about 5 months into the program. Now Lily can read for extended periods of time without tiring, her comprehension has improved, drawing improved wonderfully, and she is able to move on in math, because the numbers are not floating all over the page? Best of all Lily has gained so much self-confidence through all of this. It was a challenging program with many tears shed in the first few months, but the tears have dried and a smile has appeared. Thank you Alexis and Dr. M. for all your research and passion to help those in need!

Jessica, age 9, grade 4
Better grades and neater handwriting - cursive. Thank you very much! Also, I am not mixing up b and d anymore. I get better concentration in school and at home. It takes me less time to do homework. I enjoyed working with Ms. Alexis and Dr. Malikkal, and everybody at the front desk.

Jessica's Mom said:
Jessica has become a more confident child in many aspects of her life. At school her grades have improved. The time she needs to do homework has decreased dramatically. Before vision therapy, it was taking her about 1 hours to do her homework. Now she is able to complete it in 45 minutes. Her ability to align her numbers when performing mathematical equations and her handwriting have improved dramatically. She no longer is embarrassed to write on the blackboard in front of the class, because she is able to write her b and d, 6 and 9 in the correct direction. She has come to enjoy going to school a great deal more. She no longer experiences daily headaches and has improved her ability to comprehend material and reads a great deal more. Thank you.

Lenny, age 10, grade 4
Lenny's Dad said:
Testing indicates that vision therapy has significantly improved his ability to focus on an object. His handwriting has improved when he concentrates on the task. Lenny can also read for extended periods and does not appear fatigued or bored. It appears as if his problem with "blurriness" when looking at distant writing, such as a blackboard, has improved.

Daniel, age 16, grade 10
I have started to enjoy reading. I have noticed a lot of things with my eyes that I never knew before. Sometimes I fall asleep when reading, but I have gotten better at this difficulty. My speed in reading has somewhat increased. I look at several things, like what I did in therapy, differently than before. I am able to do hand-eye coordination better.

Matthew, age 10, grade 5
Matt's Mom said:
Matthew learned many things during his vision therapy experience. He went from a boy who cried the first time because "it was too hard" to a confident, enthusiastic participant as he mastered the skills. Perhaps the most obvious improvement I noticed was Matthew's ability to read in a room where other activities were occurring.

Jordan, age 13, grade 8
Now I can read in the car without getting headaches. I have no more headaches. I am getting better grades. I have read more than I use to. My handwriting has gotten neater. My spelling has gotten better. I watch less TV. I play all the notes on the piano right. I sing on key. I read longer. I win at card games. I win at game cube. I am getting higher scores on pinball. No more bifocals in my glasses. I see farther away.

Nathan, age 8, grade 2
Helped me read better. It is fun.

Sarah, age 12, grade 6
Vision Therapy has helped me see far away. I don't have headaches or blurry vision after looking at something close. I can read the board better and see the kitchen clock from about 10' away. My handwriting has also improved. I have really enjoyed VT and will definitely recommend it to anyone.
P.S. I used to have to have the (music) stand at my knees but now I can have it at arms length.

Janson, age 8, grade 2
It helps me read. I can see better so I can watch TV and sports. Better grades.

Anne, age 15, grade 9
It has helped me to enjoy reading, not have as many intense headaches, and have more control over my eyes! I am able to not have to wear my glasses as much! Thank you so much! It will help me throughout the rest of my life! I forgot to say that I don't have to squint anymore!

Anne's Mom said:

Anne has been helped by her participation in vision therapy. It has helped her become more aware of how her eyes work both individually and together, as well as how other factors effect the eyes. She seems to have more control over her vision and her need for her glasses, while not eliminated, has been reduced.

Cody, age 10, grade 4
It has gotten me smarter. It helped me with schoolwork. It got me to read better. It helped me to pay attention. That's what is best from therapy.

Cody's Dad said:
Since Cody started VT, I have noticed many academic improvements. His grades have substantially increased. He has gone from Title 1 reading and IEP for math; now he is mainstreaming all his classes! In addition he is also focusing better. Thanks for all your help!

Carter, age 11, grade 5
It helped me enjoy reading and school. It helped me with sports too.

Cody, age 11, grade 5
It made me better at sports and made me have better grades at school. It is easier to read.

Cody's Mom said:
Vision therapy has helped Cody to focus better on the task at hand and accomplish his school lessons faster and with more accuracy. When he reads, he has the ability to stay on the line and not "drift" as often. While he is still working on some issues, I know he will "get there" with the lessons he has learned.

Audrey, age 6, grade 1
Audrey's Mom said:
Audrey is able to concentrate on what she is doing and complete assignments with little or no frustration. At the end of Kindergarten she could not recognize most of her numbers and many letters. Now in the middle of 1st grade, she is reading at level 10 and just scored 100% on her math assessment. Her confidence has increased along with her abilities. Vision therapy, along with extra effort and support from school staff, I believe, can be credited with this success.

Hannah, age 18, grade 11
Before I knew I had visual processing problems, reading used to be such a strenuous task. In fact, it wasn't just reading - any time I had to focus and concentrate for long periods of time, I would often get headaches, feel nauseated, and end up being exhausted. The kinds of eye exercises that vision therapy showed me were things I always assumed were bad for my eyes, since they always made me feel ill. But with persistence, I realized that repeating these exercises over and over was helping me do them for longer periods of time without feeling ill, and now they basically don't bother me at all. I was amazed as I noticed that as the visual exercises were becoming easier, so were all the things I initially had difficulty with - reading, focusing, and concentrating for long periods of time. It even helped improve things I wasn't expecting, like the motion sickness. It's such a luxury to be able to read without worrying about getting a headache or feeling exhausted and to be able to get into a car without worrying about feeling nauseated. And perhaps most importantly, all the knowledge I've acquired doing the vision therapy will help me maintain all the improvements I've made for the rest of my life. Thanks for everything.

Anna, age 10, grade 5
Vision therapy has helped me in school with reading. It also helped my handwriting. I love to read now, and I can read in the car now. I do not get carsick anymore. It really helped me with reading tests and questions. I am really proud now. I read every night now and have fun learning reading skills. My reading level has gone up too. I am so proud! Thank you.

Anna's Mom said:
We couldn't be more pleased with Anna's progress in "life" due to her success from vision therapy! We feel that now she fully holds the keys to unlock her potential in life! It seems limiting to say "school success" because her learning capacity spills over into life success. No one really ever pinpointed any problems with Anna, only parental intuition told us to seek you out. All of our thanks!

Victoria, age 18, college freshman
Vision therapy has enabled me to control my eyesight. Since the start of my vision therapy, I have gained so much more understanding and patience with my vision. Reading, focusing, and headaches no longer are problems. Vision therapy has taught me the skills I need to see better and more efficiently. Vision therapy is fun and extremely rewarding!

Stephen, age 9, grade 3
Vision therapy gave me binocular vision. It helps me see a lot of new things. I think it is fun to know that I gave myself binocular vision.

Stephen's Mom said:
Stephen's vision has greatly improved. Most improvements have been in reading and writing his letters correctly. His reading is more fluent. His letters are sitting on the line better and his handwriting is a lot better. Stephen can stay on task for a longer period of time.

Rosemary, age 8, grade 3
Vision therapy helped me with carsickness and seeing better distance. And it was fun.

Marcella, age 10, grade 5
It helped me with sports like basketball. It is easy to shoot. Dance is easier too.

Marcella's Mom said:
Vision therapy has made a difference with her reading. She no longer avoids reading and is starting to enjoy reading. Because she feels better about herself, she enjoys school and has become more sociable.

Dylan, age 10, grade 4
Vision therapy has helped me a lot. It helped me focus and track. It helped me "not loose my place" when I read. I gained "how far" I can walk back from the chart. The first time was 13 feet, now I got back 41 feet.

Jessica, age 9, grade 4
I love it. It brought my grades up and I can read better. It was good for me. I really needed it.

Jessica's Mom said:
Jessica has improved in all of her subjects in school and has much more confidence in herself. She seems to be enjoying reading more. Her letter and number reversals in writing have disappeared. Overall, she is a much happier child and I am a happier parent.

Erin, age 17, grade 12
I used to get horrible grades in school and I always found a way to avoid reading aloud. I was terrible with sports like tennis or volleyball.....and then I came here. It turns out that I had a weird mirror-image reading/writing case. I also found out that I had just about no depth perception. After vision therapy, things have become a lot easier for me. Now I have straight A's. I can play every sport that I couldn't before, and I passed my test for my driver's license. In fact, I aced it. I wouldn't have all those simple things without vision therapy.

Tristan, age 8, grade 3
Eye therapy helped me with my handwriting. My teachers were so proud.

Tristan's Mom said:
Tristan now writes 100% better! His 2nd grade teacher was thrilled with his writing and how much he improved from the beginning of the year. The best day was when I saw Tristan read a book on his own without me asking him to. In addition, he can now catch a ball. When Tristan's father saw how much he improved, he was speechless!

Liza, age 12, grade 6
Liza's Mom said:
My daughter has no headaches and less difficulty reading. She is more confident and accepts visual challenges with ease. She also enjoys reading for pleasure now! Thank you!

Christa, age 8, grade 3
Vision therapy helped me read faster, not have tired eyes, not have headaches, not get sick in the car, and more, but I forget what else!

Christa's Mom said:
My daughter has made great strides with her reading. She often skipped lines, words, made up words, etc. She rarely makes these mistakes any more. Not only has her reading grade gone up, but her teachers tell me that they see so much progress. She is definitely more confident. Also her gross motor coordination has improved. She finds it easier to catch in softball. We are very proud of the work Christa has done and it shows in her daily life. Her daily headaches have disappeared.

We provide a unique vision care service called Vision Therapy. You are invited to read hundreds of Vision Therapy Success Stories written by patients (children and adults), parents, and teachers at

Vision Therapy helps people with visual difficulties relating to a wide range of conditions, skills, and/or symptoms, such as:

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Dizziness and Motion Sickness, Double Vision, Eye Strain & Fatigue,
Eye Tracking & Eye Teaming, Headaches, Learning Disabilities, Dyslexia,
Non-verbal Learning Disorders (NLD), Special Education,
Reading Improvement, School Performance, Sports,
Strabismus, Wall-eyed or Exophoria,
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Read what hundreds of people have written when asked "What changes have you seen as a result of a Vision Therapy program?" or "How has Vision Therapy changed your life and/or your child's life?" Go to Vision Therapy Success Stories.

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